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US $170-248 / Unit | 1 Unit/Units (Min. Order)
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300 Piece/Pieces per Day 365 days per year
all main ports in China
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Fujian, China (Mainland)
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ISO2859/BS6001/MIL-STD-105E/ANSI/ASQC Z1.4/GB2828
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CCIC ( is the largest independent third part with the longest history in providing QC services to global companies. We have over 20 years experience in the field, offer outstanding quality inspection services with very competitive price.  



Our Services




Product inspection,laboratory testing,pre-shipment inspection (PSI),during production inspection (DPI),100% inspection,factory evaluation (FE),social compliance audit,container loading supervision,home appliance inspection,toy ,electronic product,houseware product,gift ,china ,furniture ,glasses and lighter ,garment  and consumer goods inspection etc,initial production check (IPC) .


Inspection scope

Hard goods

Toys, furniture, gifts, etc.

Soft goods

Garments, textile products, etc.

Electrical & Electronic Item

Home appliances, etc.

Mechanical products

Mechanical items, machinery, etc.

We could arrange different types of inspections according to your specific requirements.

Our Advantages

1. Authoritative and Impartial. We are accredited by CNAS to ISO17020, and the lab we use for product testing is accredited by CNAS to ISO17025.

2. Rich experience, we are an independent and professional quality control company,and our laboratories has over 30 years of operating history

3. Comprehensive report, Our report form can vary according to the client's reading preference.

4. Reasonable price (150$-260$). Payment after inspection for long-term cooperation clients

5. Easy to scheduling our services and control process online.

6. Under huge manufacturers, providesqualified suppliers for buyer in China

7. Establish long-term cooperation relations, such as transnational enterprises.


Service Type

1.Pre- Production Inspection (PPI )

PPI focuses mainly on the quality of the components and materials used in the production process. It includes a visual check on the quality of packing materials and accessories.


2.During Production Inspection ( DPI)

DPI is ideal for shipments of substantial quantities, product lines with continuous production, strict requirements for on-time shipments, and as a follow-up if poor results were found during DPI.


3.Final Random Inspection ( FRI)/Pre-shipment inspection

FRI is an evaluation of key products at the end of production, when a consignment is 100% manufactured and at least 80% packed. We will inspect the products final quality, quantity, packing. During quality check stage, we will check the marking, packing, appearance, workmanship, functionality and etc.


4.Container Loading Check (CLC)

Guarantee the finished and packed goods meet your specifications and are securely loaded for shipment.


5.Factory Inspections/Factory audit

Comprehensive assessment of the production facilities and organization according to ISO 9000 standard.  


6.Laboratory testing

CCIC laboratories have advanced testing facilities, and have professional engineers to offer all-around and comprehensive products testing services.


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What products can we inspect?

We have rich experiences in inspection field for nearly all  kinds of consumer goodss. You can give us your specifications then we will give you our solutions.

What we do during the quality inspection?

Preparation before inspection, including check all the documents and tools needed


Visit the factory as scheduled


Have an open meeting to explain the working procedure to the factory.


Sign anti-bribery letter.


Select a proper place for inspection


To warehouse, account the shipment quantity


Randomly draw some cartons for checking


Check the order requirement/PO against the production sample


Check against the approval sample if available


Appearance/Workmanship check based on AQL


Function and measurement check if required


Package and shipping mark check


Take digital photos of product and defects


Draw representative sample (at least one) for record and/or to client if required


Finish draft report and explain the finding s to the factory


Clients's special requirement


When the report can be issued? 

Normally next working day after inspetion finished, but sometimes if it's urgent, we will issue the draft report in the same day with the inspectin completion, and then formal report issued next working day.